Wednesday, 25 March 2009

aliens (extended release)

i can't think of a more annoying character in any film ever, than bill paxton's "hudson" in this movie. um... perhaps that ginger goit in die another day.... anyway: not a bad sequel here. cameron manages to capture SOME of the believability of the first alien film, keeps the essence of the design and makes a true continuation of ripley's story. it's a very different film, though. less a creature/slasher/horror and more a gunfighting action film. and an alright one at that.

when i was a kid i thought this was the best of the trilogy. it's really not. it's not even in the same league. but it's not terrible, so... okay. i just watched the more recent extended release. nearly 2 and a half hours. that sort of length works with intelligent, atmospheric and consciously tense movies. this isn't one of them. my advice: stick to the original short release, cameron isn't quite clever enough to pull off the drawn out version.


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