Sunday, 1 March 2009

wonder woman

another little delve into the immaculate world of blogging, you'll be pleased to know. and i think i've firmly boosted james gunn up to the top of my FAVOURITE FUCKING BLOGS OF ALL TIME list.

yay, e'en beating bike snob.

discovery of his violent and NSFW ramblings was - ahem - straight through the world of professional pornography. but you can breath a sigh of relief as i won't force you to hyperlink to attractive young women with their clothes off (ugh). instead, i'll show you the video in question:

...with the ever-genius nathan fillion, fillin' your head with shiny things.

combining talent from the world of film/theatre with actual real porn stars check out the other pg-porn videos.

my favourite is squeal happy whores, which maybe due to my slightly unnerving crush on jenna haze (pictured).

oh dear.

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