Wednesday, 18 March 2009

the kingdom

you can't make an all action movie nowadays by just filming schwarzenegger firing a machine gun for two hours. nowadays you have to have a story and a moral and some sort of important social commentary. this film does that reasonably well with no real faults. it looks good, it's genuinely unpredictable (apart from the obvious "four americans can save the whole world from al quaeda" thing). jennifer gardner has an awesome fight scene and hollywood have managed to make a movie that doesn't portray all 'towel-heads' as evil for a change, which much as i liked jarhead, is long overdue. is does imply that they're all a bit simple though. one step at a time i suppose. (this film also features the sexiest primary school teacher that has ever, and will ever exist).

i wrote this before i started going out with a primary school teacher, so not all of the above remains true.


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