Saturday, 7 March 2009

judgement day

aw fuck.

the worst news, guys.

i mean, it's been in the public sphere of knowledge for a while, but i only just found out the other day: "mcg" directed the new terminator film. fucking mcg!, of charlies angels: full throttle infamy. yes, he did give us the pussycat dolls search for idiots and for that we are SO thankful. but... this was the guy who tried to do an american remake of spaced for which only one word will suffice: cunt.

he's also trying to do an adaptation of the brilliant philip k. dick novel do androids dream of electric sheep?... which is interesting, because it's already been turned into one of the best sci-fi flicks of all time.

in anger i've added my invaluable, infallible input to his wikipedia page, although i don't reckon it'll last very long before some self-righteous do-gooder sticks their dick in:

you arsehole, mcg, why don't you stick to music videos as you're so good at them? like this Top Gear themed Korn gumpf:

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