Sunday, 8 March 2009


if, like me, you waste your life and ruin your integrity by occasionally watching channels like e4 and ITV, you've probably had your pupils grazed by the new adidas ad campaign:

...which offers the advice to which we can all aspire: celebrate originality (2.37).

like me, you are probably confused after watching that. the last time i went to a party where everyone was wearing the same brand of clothing was in the changing rooms of TopShop; and i was the only one who knew it was a party. whatever the dubious nature of that situation, it was very definite that if a group of people are all dressed in the same clothing then 'originality' is not the first word on the lips of the average onlooker.

"alcoholism", "burglary" and "abortion"... yes. but not originality.

nor intelligent design.

perhaps it's just a simple spelling mistake, a slip through the keen eyes of the adidas marketing team. though these people are probably pretty well paid for their highly valued creativity and deep knowledge of the psyche of the average sports-wear consumer, it can happen from time-to-time.
perhaps it was supposed to say "celibate originality" and was using the visuals of these STD-ridden hipsters to send a subtle message of abstention to the masses.

or perhaps "celebrate origins" - suggesting you hold a themed party in your house and invite similar neanderthals evocative of this high budget get-together. you may have noticed that quite a few pre-historic creatures with only basic practical skills were in attendance: 50 cent (fiddy-sapian), katy perry (aduro meretricis) and david beckham (goldenbalsa-saur).

this campaign reminded me of a joke that went around many years ago, when the rest of the country started adopting the term "chav" (originally from my home county):

Q: how do you get 20 chavs in a phone box?
A: paint three stripes on it.

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