Thursday, 12 March 2009


i've got a little electronic key-ring hanging on my bag, that displays a tiny-wee slide show of pictures. one of those is a polite message to those guilty parties that insist on playing music from the speakers on their mobile phones.

perhaps they should heed the warnings of judge paul sacco of colorado, who had a brilliant idea. i'd welcome a sentence like this, and would gladly be issued with a warrant for the arrest and sentence of any greasy little kid with a nokia who insists on wheezing hip-hop out of its pathetic 1/2" cone. nokia phone speakermaybe the colorado police even use a half decent sound system, so the whole education also includes a lesson in quality of sound.

two words, you idiots: frequency response

though my idea of a punishment fitting the crime would involve submerging their heads under water until they go limp.

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