Thursday, 19 March 2009

johnny mneumonic

my best chap
my friend chris, the troubadour is making a website with his "other friends." it looks quite good, but then one of his "other friends" designs websites for a living.

it's called spirit of the stairwell which is based on the french phrase l’esprit d’escalier for describing that thing where you think of the best thing to say well after the event.

i can never think of the french phrase when i'm trying to explain l’esprit d’escalier to people, which leaves it very difficult to complete the description. i usually end up remembering it later that day.

i'd be honoured to have this blog fed into it, perhaps appearing on one of the pages or something. will probably get more traffic than me as chris is a budding socialite and i am a grumpy bastard who lives in a cave.

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