Tuesday, 10 March 2009

cats & dogs

absolutely genuinely, two of the funniest videos i've ever seen on youtube. neither of them need much introduction, but i like the sound of my own typing:

a little while ago i learned that the bit of your brain that stops you carrying out the physical actions you experience in your dreams can be removed from cats and dogs. it's quite weak in some animals, which is why you get this sort of thing.


i have two new nieces courtesy of one of my brothers and my sister. to the untrained eye that may read like an incestuous relationship has spawned twins, but actually it's just by coincidence that my little sister and kid-brother's-girlfriend have both given birth to their first born in the last few weeks. the resulting little packages of joy are both insanely cute and wonderful and i'm a bit over-thrilled by it all. with any luck they'll both grow up providing us all with the utter jubilation that this does:

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