Thursday, 5 March 2009

better the devil you know

faiths a funny thing.

one of the most memorable sunday school tasks i was ever given when i was growing up was to condense the entire bible down into a paragraph, then a sentence, then a phrase, and finally a word.

it's memorable because the result pretty much fits like a glove with the conclusions i've drawn in later life, and try to live my life by. in really simple, brief terms (without writing at length about all the details of my life's philosophy which, let's face it, is never very interesting to hear about from anyone other than mahatma ghandi, nelson mandela or jade goody)...

1. don't think that you are the greatest thing in existence.
2. be nice to people.
3. don't consciously be a dick.

outside of that: no religion is completely right, but if one of them helps you in the pursuit of fulfilling rules 1 & 2, then go for it.

i've never heard the term 'christ follower' before. but i have met many 'christians' who basically use christianity to revile and judge things & people they don't like. a bit like the ku klux klan and muslim fanaticists, but hidden behind middle-class suburban innocence. i guess i'm a follower of christ, because whether you believe he was the son of God or not, he was a dude who suggested we be nice to each other and love god.

in that same vein i could say i'm a follower of my dad because he taught me to turn bolts clockwise to tighten them, and anti-clockwise to loosen them.

and that's pretty much led to me living a life of peace and harmony in the world of bolts.

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