Wednesday, 26 August 2009


in a new tabloid-fueled ambition of sorts, i've decided to watch all of heath ledger's films; even the ones that look like they're going to be a pile of wank. this was one of those, but i was pleasantly caught off guard.

aside from a couple of blandly sweet rom-com scenes this was a really entertaining little bit of popcorn cinema, well aware of its own silliness. it is mostly enjoyable, refreshing in it's light-heartedness and really quite sumptuous to look at, actually.

i've yet to commit my disinterest in sienna miller to the world-wide-web, and here in the presence of ledger it seems a little mis-timed as he does look to be a very memorable young man. and The Miller Issue is quite irrelevant to this movie, which is a tiny riot.


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