Monday, 31 August 2009

i wanna sex you up

if there was any doubt about what people use the internet for, check out some of the statistics for my blog.

firstly, the keywords typed into google search that brought people to me in the first place:

i love that simon pegg sneaks in there about half way up. what a sexy sexy man he is.

anyway, secondly (and i'm very proud of this one) have a look at my most viewed blog entries for the last month:

note fuck me pumps as the most popular. i mean, i was pretty proud of that one at the time. and local opinions were favourable. but you can't lie with google analytics on your side.

i've also noted through excessive ego-rubbing (trawling through endless statistics that i won't bore you with) that i've had quite a few people get to the site through rather sordid means ("fat bottom whores") and actually stay a while reading various different posts.
basically what's happened is someone's come for a wank, and enjoyed a good hard read instead.

hence my new advertising slogan:

happy b(w)ank holiday everybody.

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