Saturday, 8 August 2009


part of me thinks i could just leave this whole review at that picture. moon is desolate and empty and you can feel your soul crumbling as you watch it. it's like staring at a clean sheet of white paper with a fold in it.

and it's wonderful.

science fiction is the best movie genre. it brought us blade runner, alien, terminator, the matrix, back to the future, gremlins, firefly, akira, predator, flight of the navigator, sunshine... and now the absolutely sublime moon. and my god does it sit well within that list.

all of life is in sci-fi, and when accompanied by a mind-blowing story, absorbing setting and so much tension my buttocks develop a six-pack (as this is); i could drown in the fictional worlds for ever. (and be happy to. even dark city is a better world than reality can offer these days.)

moon gives you a great performance from sam rockwell who keeps you hooked throughout, all on his lonesome. not many actors can do that.
i think kevin spacey is brilliantly cast. he offers the perfect vocal delivery that never lets you make any headway guessing how the whole thing will turn out. (that makes more sense when you watch it.)
the production design of the whole thing is lovely. it's totally old school, like watching alien for the first time, all over again. it features proper scale-model work, which automatically makes me think the film-makers cared about what they were doing.
it is thoughtful and compelling and powerful. and totally unpredictable.

the lasting feeling for me was that of the ultimate heart-break.
as the story slowly unwinds you can physically see Sam's insides turn to (moon) dust. the love of his life fades away and he breaks to pieces leaving only a dry, bloody shell in darkness and solitude... crikey this film hasn't had a good effect on my state of mind has it?
but it's done so well. who cares if it leaves you a mindless husk?

seriously, it was fucking awesome.


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