Wednesday, 19 August 2009

if i only had a heart

do you remember a couple of years ago when i was an awesome dude technician bastard for a theatre show? oh go on, you remember. it was this. and it rocked.
i particularly rocked.

anyway, as i was recently singled and had to fill my sad lonely life i decided to help out a bit again this year, when the kids put on a performance of the wiz. which is a 1970's motown version of the wizard of oz, the film originally starring michael jackson.

and if you watched that video all the way through; don't worry, you haven't accidentally taken some drugs.

... so anyway, we did that musical. we took 35 white middle-class kids, and put on a 70's harlem soul musical. go us.
you can look at the pictures i took here.

and you can also listen to the BBC radio reports part one here, part two here.
make sure you listen out for me. i'm the one doing the makeup for the scarecrow, mindlessly rambling on about a completely different show.

d'ya hear that? he compared us to "professional theatre" ..! goldarn it.

anyway. i still love those kids.

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