Sunday, 23 August 2009

the duchess

despite having the normally unwatchable set-square faced ikea knightly in the main role, this is an intense and gripping piece of cinema, with a really compelling and heartbreakingly sad story.
any female viewers will be quite justified at the end if they were to go through a time of man-hating, as according to this movie most men are soulless bastards.

apart from the tragic story and severe lack of resolution, this is a sumptuously photographed couple of hours. they used the story of princess diana to market this film, and there are too many similarities to be comfortable. however, this is a story in it's own right and - to be honest - set apart from a lot of the costume drama nonsense that i've sat through before.

but don't watch it expecting a feel-good chick flick. nu-uh.


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