Friday, 7 August 2009

evan almighty

the first time i saw steve carrell was in bruce almighty. i remember it well, thinking "this guy is hilarious i hope he gets picked up from this role and makes more stuff."
my wish was gratified and he made some great things.

not sure this is one of them.

slightly weirdly edited and actually i could've done with another 15 minutes for the whole thing to work. the worst part of it is Wanda Sykes who is so terrible she makes me want to become a racist.
i could really pick a lot of holes in it, but i should battle my instincts and remember the fact that it was aimed at 9 year olds. and for kids, it's not bad.

unless the kid wants to grow up to be a boat-builder. then it's painting a very unrealistic view of the time and effort it takes to hand-build ships.


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