Wednesday, 26 August 2009

inglourious basterds

i haven't liked anything tarantino's done for quite a while now. nothing since pulp fiction has floated any of my boats, but i so wanted to like this. a lot. i'd even heard from reliable sources that this was something new from the jumped-up little weirdo. people who have shared my opinion about the gremlin-faced geek have told me that this was brilliant, so i was expecting to really enjoy it.

which i did... for about an hour.

i did really get into the traditional tarantino conventions for a little while; the garish graphics, the inappropriate soundtrack, the strangely affected reality. but, as with many films of late, this peaked far too early. the best scene was, by far "chapter two" in which brad pitt and his team of blood-thirsty jews interrogate a nazi officer in a forest. but that was in the first hour. and it went on (and on and on (and on)) from there.

do you remember films like blade runner or shaun of the dead, where they're brilliant all the way through and arguably progressively more so scene-by-scene? what happened to them?

... yeah, i just got bored really, once the cool scene had finished the rest of the film was just a bit too slow and predictable. it's a shame because while i don't particularly enjoy his films, i do respect ol' quentin and his obsessive geekiness. despite calling him a "jumped-up little weirdo" i like him. i like that he makes movies because he loves movies. he does a load of things similar to what i'd probably do if i had a massive production budget and brad pitt at my beck and call.

it wasn't all bad. it looked pretty cool, didn't take itself seriously and played around with different ideas. brad pitt was very good. blah blah blah. shame it felt pointless by the end.


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