Saturday, 3 October 2009

the a-team movie is being directed by spike lee

if there's one thing i've learnt from doing this a-team casting exercise, it's that there aren't enough black actors in the world. i've really struggled to cast B.A. especially getting to the slightly more obscure versions (the a-team movie was made in the 80's not using the original cast, coming soon) and not wanting to use the same actor twice.

there are some fucking great black actors. look at the above, could you get much better than denzel washington playing hannibal? or will smith as face-man? i think not, little puppy. i'd love to have found space for the likes of sydney poitier, ron glass and halle berry but the a-team didn't really lend itself to any of them. it's made me consider the old 'racial casting' thing quite a bit though. why are there certain limits? why is it a bit uncomfortable to cast an actor of a different colour in a traditional role? obviously if you were doing an accurate biopic of olaudah equiano, you'd need a black actor to play him. unless you were doing some pretentious art-house testes of a film (you'd probably film it in high-contrast black & white as well, to make an unnecessary and terribly formed point).

but what about other roles? for example, when they were casting the new james bond, and they ended up making do with the anti-personality daniel craig... did they at any point consider adrian lester, who would have been fricking marvelous?

what about laurence fishburne as thor?

obviously i'm trying to avoid chris tucker at every point. his acting is like banging your head against a sewing machine.
that would be the worst batman film, ever.

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