Sunday, 4 October 2009

the eye

it didn't take much to start the alarm bells ringing:
1 it's an american remake of a japanese horror movie.
2 it's got jessica alba in it.
3 jessica alba is playing a blind classical violinist.

despite all of these, The Eye still made it onto my movie list. i have no idea why or how, and having watched it am none the wiser.
  • alba is punching far far above her weight, which is pretty much a given.
  • this is not even remotely scary.
  • it doesn't make up for the lack of tension by being funny or having boobs in it.
  • it's boring and doesn't make any demands of its audience to even bother paying attention.

the guy playing death is pretty scary, but they basically removed him from the film in post-production.

actually, scratch the thing about it not being funny: reading the synopsis is hilarious.


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