Saturday, 17 October 2009


if i obey any of my normal rules about movie discernment, i should tie crank to a rock and throw it overboard. however as we all know - rules are made to be photocopied, ripped to shreds and pushed up the bottom of your local MP.

in the spirit of what it is meant; crank is a high-octane bout of silliness. the normally unwatchable jason statham seems to have found 'his' film here. it sprints and hurdles and shot-puts through at a marvelous pace, demanding little of the cockney muppet except looking grumpy. which he does well.

crank demands little from the audience too, so it's perfect viewing on a saturday morn when my eyes are bleary and my attention span is chicken peri-peri. actually there are some really cool little touches, like imposing images of people on the other end of phones somewhere in the frame. i liked that.

look, sometimes you don't watch movies to have your thought provoked... sometimes you watch them to feel like your frontal lobe has been raped. therefore: crank - a work of greatness
and this is coming to you from a chap who normally takes an instant irrational hatred to a film if someone i don't like is in it. innit.

like john malkovich. that guy sucks.


and angelina jolie. urgh.

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