Saturday, 24 October 2009

riders on the storm

get excited freaks!

when simon pegg and nick frost announced they were going to do another film the world rejoiced and everything was good. then of course the internet started it's torrential speculation machine and geeks in every corner of the world waded in with their ideas and suggestions. i'm sure the likes of pegg, frost and mottola were incredibly thankful, in that they've created a consistent list of masterpieces on their own already so they've probably run out of ideas.

so thanks 16 year olds the world over. thanks.

one of the main suggestions was that they should do a sci-fi movie. based on the fact that they've done horror (shaun of the dead) and action (hot fuzz), sci-fi seemed like the next logical step. i love sci-fi, as regular readers may have gathered. i think it is the most important and most versatile of all genres. and it is pretty like a lady.

i thought the next installment of the genius machine should be a road movie. it's less obvious. while i never said this to anyone, somehow they must've got wind of it because now they're making a sci-fi road movie. called paul. and that's just great.

before you point it out i'm totally aware that i moaned about the pathetic nature of online speculation and stupidity forums, but am very much part of the problem. i have irony, though. and that makes me sexy.

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