Sunday, 11 October 2009


most people my age (old as time) have grown up with the memory of david bowie's genitals encased in tight cotton staring at them through a sea of non-gender specific trolls and goblins.
seriously, i know people who's sexual awakening came (ahem) during the ballroom scene.

heh... ball-room.

terribly i only managed to watch this film within the last 5 years or so. and my sexual awakening only happened last week. i can still see the appeal though. not only as a man who can't help but feel a sense of disappointment when filmmakers resort to using CGI, when good puppetry would be so much better; but also the general camp escapism that jennifer connolly's little foray into the cardboard and balsa wood maze gives you. it's wonderful in it's naivety, a true fairy story, ultra silly and immediately obvious why it's gained the cult status.

most things involving jim henson get a thumbs up in my book. this is no stranger. the sense of wonder and humour that his influence brings in the form of puppetry and character design is always welcome, hearty and impressive. so much so that i immediately loaded up spore and made one of the cannonball characters to play with: ->

look at him there. funny little fella.

one little niggling point, that is one part annoying to two parts of the charm... the dubbing is absolutely shite.


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