Wednesday, 21 October 2009

the a-team movie is being directed by wes anderson

i'm at home sick today. i feel like crap with a sore head and throat and bones and things. instead of going to work i'm going to stay in bed and watch the battlestar galactica mini-series.
this has nothing to do with how i cast a wes anderson interpretation of the a-team. i did a bit of research into wes anderson with a hope that he might have some sort of sickness and i could draw a clever parallel, but to the extensive knowledge of wikipedia there doesn't seem to be a blot. i'm quite thankful, i think anderson is one of the best directors in the world today, a real auteur. the darjeeling limited is far and away one of my top films. so that's good.

anyway, back to battlestar and someone has just presented an old spaceship to an old guy. seems like some troops have renovated it for a much loved general who is retiring. that's sweet isn't it?


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