Friday, 30 October 2009


so november's gonna be an odd month. if i go through with any/all of my plans it should be pretty packed with a lot of exciting times, a great deal of personal development and a lot to show for it.

unfortunately for you (really?), i probably won't be blogging any of it, so you won't be able to follow my amazing life in any detail. and i know you love to do that. so here are my tasks for next month:

1: i have signed up to nanowrimo. it's a community of thousands of people around the world who challenge themselves to write 50,000 words within the month of november; and then through online networking, live writing events and various other kinds of twentieth century human contact, encourage and support each other to reach their goal.

fifty thousand words is a lot, but it's not unobtainable. however if i spend any time blogging i'll be seriously eating into my nanowrimo time, so consider this place an empty world for the next four weeks.

currently i have absolutely no idea what my novel is going to be about. they say you should always write about what you know, so expect it to include:

a) the application of audio and visual technology to live corporate events

b) unrequited love

c) perpetual tiredness

and d) the futile pursuit of living in a complete fantasy world.

also, due a strange request it needs to include a character called 'ellie fried rice'

2: i went to a chinese healer yesterday who told me i had too much 'heat' inside my body. i'd gone in to see if they could do anything about the stuff that happens to my face that makes me really self conscious so i'm not sure why they were talking about my flatulence, but there we go. part of my treatment means that i can't eat spicy food which makes me more than a little upset.

(the other part of my treatment is paying an enormous amount of money for some mud that i have to drink twice a day. i am not that enthralled by this either)

3: this month i will make noticeable improvements in my improv abilities. this must include using accents more because i always forget and i am good at them and they are funny. yesterday during class i used a new york accent and it made me happy. more please.

i will also be trying to apply more improv theory to my practice. this will make me tenfold awesome.

4: i haven't cycled to work in ages (because i am a chubby sofa-boy). at the very least i will cycle twice a week in november. it doesn't seem a lot on paper, but i must plan for the fact that most nights i go straight out from work and be realistic with myself.

5: there is a significant chance that i may resign from my job in this, the eleventh month. i will make no promises or assumptions about it, but chances are ... um ... significant. like i said.

6: i will sleep more. i am rubbish at sleeping and have absolutely no self control with bed time. on average i sleep about 4-5 hours a night. this is understandable for my siblings with their 8-month-old children, but not for me who sleeps alone in a silent room.

this would probably explain point 1:C (see above).

7: i will do all of these things whilst retaining the excellent social life I have had over the last few weeks.

so there you go. 31 days from now and I will be funnier, better, faster, stronger, writer.... can you sense the excitement in the air?

no, of course not; you got bored and you haven't read down this far.

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