Thursday, 22 October 2009

tin man

so technically this is not a film, but in a world where we have high budget series' that rival movies in their production values, budgets and casting; if you have a problem with that i will tell you to shove it where the sun doesn't shine (leeds).

i'm all up for re-imaginings. tin man is based on one of my favourite stories, so it was going to go one of two ways. it went the bad way. and it could've been avoided very easily.

simply, it should have been made into a film. maybe a couple of hours at the most. if that had happened we wouldn't have had so many problems with the speed at which this 6 hour mini series plods slowly along. about half way through you just get to a point where you spend all your energy willing this epic to finish.

it really is an epic. so much depth to the new Oz. sadly, that lively land is faded. it seems the creators had decided to make it all so epic that it was too much for the cast and crew to take. i've seen zooey deschanel act well in the past, so i know it wasn't entirely her fault that she was so unconvincing in this. she was probably just tired. allan cumming is also usually excellent, but very poor here. and i'm pretty sure i've seen neal mcdonough performing well in other stuff.

oh dear. there were so many good points to this. some of the production design was good, although i found it rather inconsistent across the whole production. there were some nice ideas about the re-imagining of the characters. i liked the aunt & uncle interpretation. however, all the good things were not enough to rescue this colourful-but-dull trawl.



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