Monday, 26 October 2009

blade: trinity

i really like the blade films.

actually, check that... i really like the first two blade films. this third one is a bit turd. it has a lot of the good stuff; like the enjoyable fight sequences, the silliness of wesley snipes' acting, and swords. but it's all spoilt in trinity, by cheesiness. it's willfully cheesey, and that has a certain charm. even ryan reynolds' constant idiocy wears you down until you can bear it. but there are too many unforgivable, slightly moronic choices that remove any credibility raised by the first two movies.

pour example:
- ipod playlists for fighting with.
- vampire pekinese dogs.
- pointless jessica biel shower scene.
- parker posie's tooth prosthetic that makes her mouth look like it's in different aspect ratio.
- "it forms a beam of UV light half as hot as the sun"
- oh god, the script is so bad.
- the weirdest virus animation i've ever seen.
- stupid stupid stupid hip-hop theme tune.

ah whatever. it's fun, but it's shit.


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