Tuesday, 1 September 2009

i love you, man

paul rudd is awesome. paul rudd is funny. paul rudd is a brilliant comedy actor. i am paul rudd. you are paul rudd. this film is paul rudd. paul rudd paul rudd paul rudd.
also it's great. very touching and sweet, whilst keeping all the stupidity you'd want from a laugh out loud gross-out with a bag of intelligence. i really liked the rashida jones character, too. so often in these sorts of films you'll get a one-dimensional bitch for a girlfriend. instead, rashida is allowed to be funny, sweet and kind-hearted... and also very girl-next-door jumpable.
in fact, the whole cast is very strong; all of them getting to play decent characters, particularly jaime pressley and jon favreau.

it's a genuine feel-good movie, with a tonne of giggles. paul rudd especially brings a familiar realism to his ridiculous nerdiness that only trebles the jollity.

paul rudd.


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