Monday, 21 September 2009

the a-team movie is being directed by the coen brothers

you could argue that the coen brothers are the finest film makers out there. out where? - i would ask. after that i would agree with you in a certain fashion whilst rubbing a blu-ray version of oh brother, where art thou? in my lap, and then licking a copy of the hudsucker proxy that i'd previously sellotaped to the wall.

then i would slap you upside the brain and place a dvd of intolerable cruelty under your tongue, as a warning against making such sweeping generalist statements (all people who make sweeping generalist statements are homeless orphans).

the whole proceedings would make me very out of breath and i might have to go downstairs and throw up into a bowl of cereal. but it'll all be worth it, because how awesome would an a-team film directed by the coen brothers be?!

frekkin' awesome. that's how much. on a scale of clean-shaven => full beard, i'd have to put it on a par with a goatee/curly handlebar 'stache combo. add mr. t's haricut and not only do you have a brilliant film, but you also have a non-sequitur.

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