Tuesday, 22 September 2009

the world's fastest indian

when i've got my lego out, or my little scale model cars, and i've gone the whole hog and dressed up in my leathers to play with them on the kitchen floor (getting under the feet of my house-mates who are trying to cook oriental duck salad or something...) the way i calm the heated situation between my merry self and my angry roomies is by adopting the character of burt munro as played by anthony hopkins in this film, because he is charming beyond measure and you can't help but love him and root for him throughout his entire journey.

the film is basically sir anthony hopkins being lovable. but there are some really nice touches too, for example some beautifully done shots of old speedway cars belting along the salt flats of utah. you completely forgive the shots that they obviously had difficulty with - for example they couldn't actually propel a 70-year-old knighted of the realm along at 200mph, so some of the close up shots of hopkins on the bike are obvious that he was only going about 20. whatever, the film is so adorable it skips along well above that kind of nit-picking. seeing a smaller independent production company get round technically impossible feats is one of the joys in film-watching as far as i'm concerned. and if you disagree i'll kiss your mum.


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