Saturday, 12 September 2009

the a-team movie is being directed by judd apatow

yeah, i know; having a white guy playing B.A. was a tough consultation with my own head. but c'mon, how awesome would john goodman be? seriously. the guy is amazing. did you see him in the flintstones?

i did toy with the idea of having michael cera play faceman but thought that was probably going a bit too far in the direction of irony.

at this point i have done quite a few of these (coming every 3 days from now on) and one of the main considerations when choosing Hannibal is how good they'd look with a cigar in their mouth, saying "i love it when a plan comes together." the seth rogan decision was very much how i envisage his delivery. and also the handlebar moustache from superbad. brilliant.

the A(patow)-team certainly has merit. i pretty much love every pie judd's stuck his finger in. i want something a bit darker though.

like, "batman dark."

yeah - like christian bale's dark knight was to adam west's bruce wayne, so shall my perfect a-team be to the original series.

next one fights it's way out to you on tuesday. oh you lucky souls.
send me suggestions if you pity the fool (me).

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