Friday, 4 September 2009

drag me to hell

sam raimi back on form! (let's just forget about spiderman 2-3 shall we?) drag me to hell is great fun with a hefty but well-balanced mixture of terror and hilarity.

this had a genuine sense of dread through many of the scenes, particularly the first time christine is 'visited' and your buttocks clench in the knowledge that the next 60 minutes are going to be absolutely incessant.

in true raimi form it has some brilliant moments of recoil, where you don't quite know whether to laugh your eyes out or vomit. a favourite was when allison lohman gets punched in the mouth, and i mean in the mouth.
that and - what i shall call - "the kiss" between lohman and a toothless old lady in a car.

it's all a bit of fun and there's a decent level of eye-candy for ladies and gents. and gross stuff. i mean seriously gross.


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