Saturday, 26 September 2009

the pursuit of happyness

it's a man's duty to look after the people he loves. it's the thing that drives fathers, husbands, boyfriends. and no man worth his salt could fail to be touched and inspired by this true story about a man who would stop at nothing to give his son the life he wanted. this film is about love. it is about swallowing your pride and putting everything aside for the person your soul lives for. and the pay-off is worth the agony, tenfold.

will smith is excellent in this. mainly because he is totally convincing throughout. you feel his pain, you share his tears and the relationship with his son reminds you of your own unconditionally loved ones. this film is inspirational and really quite unpredictably special, and despite seeing will smith's journey beginning as the fresh prince of bel air, i must say that he is truly one of the most underrated actors around.

right, i'm off to go and stroke his bottom.


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