Wednesday, 16 September 2009

i could never be your woman

almost everything you want from a rom-com. pfeiffer and rudd make for a sweet couple, and paul rudd fully acts his socks off. it's quirky, it has a cast list of some really great people (and graham norton), there are some truly great ideas all the way through.... unfortunately, every good thing about this film is absolutely and completely overshadowed by a constant stream of terrible mistakes, that i can only attribute to the writer/director amy heckerling.

heckerling did give us clueless, but it seems all her good decisions were used up and she swaps them for the stupid tracey ullman character in this movie. even more terrible was the over emphasised agenda that heckerling obviously thinks she was being so clever about. she has a statement, a complaint about artificial hollywood society, and she constantly ladles huge portions of it all over this, spoiling what would otherwise have been a pretty good film.


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