Thursday, 24 September 2009

the a-team movie is being directed by tim burton

tim burton's films look so good they make you forget that T-mobile are offering free texts on some of their new mobile phone tariffs. and that's hard to do, because the fucking advert comes on TV about every 23 fucking minutes.
still, that'll teach me for tuning into E4 - no good will come of it why have i not learnt that yet?

and why have i not learned when is the appropriate time to use "learned" as opposed to "learnt" .. ?

grammar asided, at any point during a viewing of any tim burton film you could press the pause button; and any resulting frame would tell 1000 stories (such is my belief in his eye-for-the-visual abilities). and as such, he deserves a forking amazing cast in his forthcoming entirely fictional adaptation of the a-team. which is what he has got, here in my entirely fictional casting of the film (which won't ever exist).

i wish it was going to exist. it would make me mess my pants right up.

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