Friday, 25 September 2009

taxidermy: stuff the world

i saw this documentary a long time ago and loved it so much i spent about 3 years trying to track down the DVD. in the end i wrote to the production company and asked if i could have a copy. they sent me one as long as i signed a contract to say i wouldn't use it for commercial gain. which i haven't yet.

what i loved about it was that it never once made any judgements about the people it subjected, despite some of them desperately needing some serious judgement. the film-makers hardly ever got involved at all actually, just pointed the camera at the oddballs and let their characters do the talking.

we meet some weird and wonderful people in this far-too-short doco. my favourite is indisputably Matthias (pictured), a guy so bizarre that if christopher guest had played him as a character in any of his mockumentaries, you would slate him for being too unrealistic. watch him absent-mindedly kill a fish and your life will never be the same again.

my least favourite is ron, who is a dick.


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