Sunday, 27 September 2009

the a-team movie is being directed by edgar wright

you know all those sweeter-than-saccharin moments in american sit-coms?
like, that time where character A has spent their whole day preparing for a date with character B, only for character B to get a phone call from work saying that someone has gone sick, and they're needed, and it's their big chance to prove themselves and make a huge success of their career.. and all they have to to do it up-sticks and go into work now.
and character A turns to character B and with the sweetest, most loving smile, desperately holding back tears of disappointment and sadness says,
... ... "go... this is your moment." ....

edgar wright would never put any of that cheesey shit in any of his films. edgar wright is ace. which is why he gets to play with philip seymour hoffman. c'mon.... he made shaun of the dead so he deserves a century of sexy touching if you ask me.

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