Wednesday, 9 September 2009

the a-team movie is being directed by quentin tarantino

i just heard today that they've cast this guy as B.A. Baracus in the forthcoming and much anticipated (by me) film of The A-Team. his name is Quinton Rampage Jackson, and as you can see from the photo he wouldn't put 'actor' on his CV as his main occupation. this incensed me for a while. i was really hoping that they weren't going to go all silly on us like starsky & hutch, and make a decent film. casting a show fighter (UFC in this case) is akin to saying "i'm not that bothered about making a credible movie."

"but hang on," thought i on further reflection, the original B.A. Baracus was a wrestler.

duh. after a bit of re-thinking i'm okay with it. actually i think it's brilliant. especially on finding out that the movie is also to star liam neeson as hannibal, and bradley cooper (wedding crashers, the hangover) as face-man.

liam neeson!

out of all the fantasy adaptations in my head, the one i have most thought about casting is the a-team. many many times. i used to have friends who did it with the lord of the rings books, but i'd never read them as i'd spent too much time looking at some magazines i found under my dad's side of the bed. anyway, with the vast array of internet speculation about who is to complete the cast of the new film (to be released in 2010), i think it's unnecessary to push my tuppence in.

instead, i'm going to be doing this: casting The A-Team as i would if i were a highly regarded auteur.
today quentin tarantino:

lots more to come. and please... enjoy them.

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