Sunday, 13 September 2009


you're probably a bit like me. you probably saw very limited marketing for this, but expected some sort of jean-pierre jeunet/dark city/v for vendetta/steampunk type action thriller. and was a bit looking forward to it.

please stop being excited.

yes, you do get some of that. about half an hour actually. unfortunately, due to some senseless storytelling device; the rest of the film is a made up of the central story, a quite dull 'lost soul search' set in present day london. mostly featuring a very irritating eva green as a pretentious, talentless film student who can't make a decent film.

it seems like someone had a great idea for a sci-fi film, but due to budget constraints tried to make it work by filling up the 90 minutes with random scenes from an unconnected BBCtv drama. i know, it doesn't make sense to me either.

there is some relief in the final revelation, but frankly(n) i was hoping for something entirely different. a bit of a lesson for the marketing team there too, about managing expectations.

it's a shame because whoever did the production design for the steampunk sections did a really good job.

the rest is pretty poor. and a waste.


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