Friday, 11 September 2009

southland tales




where do you start with this film? perhaps if i tell you to try and imagine that luc besson, joss whedon and david lynch got together one evening and took some drugs, and in the haze that followed they managed to write and shoot a film. the film that resulted would probably not be that dissimilar to the last 2-and-a-half hours what i just did watch on my telly.

it's kind of a tough call as to whether i just watched a work of genius, or a piece so obscure that it could be considered the most pretentious of modern art. either way i'd recommend you watch it at some point, even just for educative purposes. i won't promise you'll enjoy yourself. or learn anything. or ever watch it again. but... uh... i dunno, maybe i just don't want to be alone in this misery.

or joy.

or whatever.

some highlights:
- jon lovitz being weird.
- janeane garofalo in the smallest cameo ever.
- sarah michelle geller singing "teen horniness is not a crime"
- drinking a lot of red wine while you watch it.
- mandy moore.
- ...... um..... wha?


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